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Frequently Asked Questions

How is my laundry done?

We will pickup your laundry in the bag we provide to you from either your home or work. We then return it to our facilities where our professional staff will wash and dry then neatly fold your laundry and return it back to you.

Does the Delivery or Pick-up cost anything?

No. Pickup and Delivery is included in our service corridor. Our services carry a $32.50 minimum charge.

Do I need to separate my clothes?

No. That’s part of our convenient service to you. We will sort your clothes for you prior to washing them.

Do I need to be home during Pickup or Delivery?

No. We will arrange with you a safe place around your home in which we can pickup or drop wile nobodies home. We can also arrange to deliver to your work place for your convenience.

What type of Laundry products do you use?

We use the same brand name products that you use at home .We use dye free and fragrance free detergents. We use fabric softeners in the rinse cycle and in the dryers.

How long does it take to do my laundry?

Pickup and delivery days are currently on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. If we pick up your laundry on Wednesday, it will be delivered clean and folded on Friday. Orders picked up on Friday will be returned on the following Monday. If you require faster service, please call us to arrange for special arrangements (cost are generally higher but based on that particular case).

Where are you located?

Wherever our driver happens to be. We do own multiple Laundromats around the valley but provide this service as a mobile operation. Always feel free to call or email us with any questions.

What areas of town do you offer your services?

Phoenix metro area, Paradise Valley, Scottsdale, Tempe, West end of Mesa and parts of the West Valley.

Is my laundry washed with other orders?

No. All orders are washed separately.

Do you charge for the Laundry Bags?

No. When we return your first service, we will provide a bag for future service.